The Circle of Regional Effigies (CORE) is comprised of 34 wooden effigies created by Burning Man Regional groups from around the world. Guided by the Ten Principles, CORE teams work together throughout the Spring and Summer to create art that celebrates their Regional identities and showcases the collaborative artistic efforts of their community members. The CORE Project is a celebration of Burning Man’s Regional Network and of the work that groups throughout the world are doing to nurture and support the Burning Man ethos as a global cultural movement.

A massive collaboration by Burning Man and Regional groups all over the world, the CORE Project will culminate in a coordinated burn event on Thursday night, a fitting endeavor to mark our culture’s fertile evolution far beyond the bounds of Black Rock City.

Last year’s CORE project was the first project of its kind in Black Rock City. 23 Regions were represented with some outstanding effigies. Take a look at last year’s archived 2011 CORE Installations.

We are thrilled at the excitement surrounding CORE’s second year on playa, and we have 34 Regions stepping up this time to create the world’s largest intentional simultaneous Burn! 24 of the effigies will be placed in a ring 600 feet around the base of the Man and there will be two circles of five effigies facing out towards Center Camp. If you are joining us on the playa, visit Everywhere Lane on the Esplanade to get placement maps, and read more info about each effigy, meet with Regional Contacts and CORE artists and collaborators. There will be a CORE Open House on Tuesday from 2-5pm out at the effigies. This is the time to come out to the CORE project and visit with the creators and builders and see what they have to share with you about their projects. Please check your What Where When for more details.

In the meantime, please read about the pieces on this site, so you can understand them better, and enjoy them that much more on playa. All of the teams are deep in prep, build and fundraising mode. Every donation is a massive help that takes pressure off the money aspect and lets these folks concentrate on gettin’ ‘er done! Check out the various projects, hit the links above for more info.

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