“Aristotle divides friendships into three types, based on the motive for forming them: friendships of utility, friendships of pleasure and friendships of the good.”


Victoria’s CORE Project will in essence be a large human head, ageless, gender-neutral, without ethnicity or cultural reference, open at the top with a crown of ideas bursting forth from the open forehead, rising out of the Playa.

This installation will serve as a visual representation of an open mind teaming with collaborative ideas, possibilities and the fertility of the mind as ideas spawn new ideas…

Participants can enter via the ears, a heart-shaped door, “an open mind reveals an open heart” through the back of the head, or possibly crawl through the mouth over a red carpet tongue at ground level into the inner workings of the mind and associated art and soundscape (whales, waves, seagulls, BC ferries recording, local DJs’ music, poetry/spoken word, etc.). Lit inside and at night with an array of twinkling lights on the outside of the head represent synapses firing in an awakened mind, internally and externally.

The head will have the appearance of the top being removed or open, illustrating an open mind or giving the participant the ability to see what is coming out of the mind, ideas, thoughts, pictures etc. some of the external artwork will represent connections between actual regions of the mind and the external symbolism or parts of the head, i.e.Creativity above the frontal cortex, music above ears, or recipe above taste receptor.

There will be a DNA inspired access way that one can use to gain access to the viewing platform, or top of the head to increase the chance of physical interaction with the project and to serve as a good weather vantage point/resting area.

CORE Poster displayed at the Regional Network Center (11×17) – click on image to download Adobe .pdf copy:
CORE Poster displayed at the Regional Network Center (11×17) – click on image to download Adobe .pdf copy:

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