Valley of Heart’s Delight

(South Bay CORE)

What was once the “Valley of Heart’s Delight” has crystallized, literally, into Silicon Valley. What once was home to fruit trees as far as the eye could see, covering the valley in a blanket of flowers, became the hotbed of the “” boom and a totally new kind of Apple.

In 2011, the South Bay was represented in the Circle of Regional Effigies (CORE) by an effigy made of laptops, albeit made of wood (representing technology), surrounded by 48 trees (representing the old fruit orchards that once blanketed the Santa Clara valley.)

In 2012, our plans perpetuate the “Valley of Heart’s Delight” theme with a 20-foot tall water tower, reminiscent of the many historical fruit canneries that were once the main employers and central features of cities like Sunnyvale, Campbell, San Jose, and others.

A restored water tower commemorates what was once the home of a large fruit cannery. Many South Bay cities and neighborhoods historically had such canneries that were central to their communities. But, rather than actually “advertising” brands such as Libby’s, Del Monte, and others, we found that a now-defunct cannery used to label their packing crates with the “Heart’s Delight” name. We’ll have that label blazoned around our water tower, visible from far away and immediately recognizable.

Each “slat” in the water tower’s construction will be labeled to represent a South Bay city or neighborhood: Campbell, Cupertino, Sunnyvale, Gilroy, Morgan Hill, Almaden, Willow Glen, etc. We’ll invite members of the South Bay community to contribute to the effigy through inscriptions, wood carvings, or other personal mementos. This will also give participants a way to visualize how many burners actually live in the South Bay.

CORE Poster displayed at the Regional Network Center (11×17) – click on image to download Adobe .pdf copy:
CORE Poster displayed at the Regional Network Center (11×17) – click on image to download Adobe .pdf copy:

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