Dragon Lotus

by Meredith Brown (artist,project lead), Andy Jalving (artist, build lead) & the Colorado Community

The Dragon Lotus is a transforming effigy. The lotus will open over the course of four days before being set afire as part of the CORE burn on Thursday, August 30th in Black Rock City. The sculpture consists of four main components:
a) The outer lotus shell, with three overlapping layers of ten petals each
b) The dragon on a pedestal which resides in the center of the lotus flower. She will be approximately 10 feet high and will remain mostly hidden inside the lotus until Wednesday, when she will rise from her lair and spread her wings.
c) The nest, containing a clutch of dragon eggs made of clay, will be fired by the burn.
d) The lifting mechanism that will raise the dragon and pedestal an additional 3-4 feet.

Our fundraising efforts have gone quite well. We have purchased materials and begun construction. However, we are continuously fundraising to cover the high cost of transportation, studio rental space, storage and possibly get a pyrotechnics expert to help make the burn even more fantastic.

If you would like to get involved and help us build this piece, join our group linked below.
General Information
Andrew “Ender” Jalving (project lead) has created and burned four effigies for Apogaea, Colorado’s regional burn. More sculptures and video of the burns can found on his website http://andrewjalving.com/blog/


CORE Poster displayed at the Regional Network Center (11×17) – click on image to download Adobe .pdf copy:
CORE Poster displayed at the Regional Network Center (11×17) – click on image to download Adobe .pdf copy:

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