(Sacramento CORE)
by Sacramento Valley Regional CORE Group / Lead Artist: Candy Dallosta

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After a cholera epidemic in 1850, 2,000 fruit trees were planted in and around Sutter’s Fort, a historic part of the Sacramento valley, beginning the region’s love affair with trees and creating a symbiotic relationship that permeates all facets of life. Sacramento has since become the city of trees, and they define our landscape as profoundly as does the river delta that supports them. Trees provide deep shade on the banks through the warm summer.

They impact our climate, harbor wildlife, conserve water, and instill a sense of place and of life. The stature, strength and endurance of trees create natural cathedrals.
Arboria will be a grove of trees, transported from our lush river valley, and made into a playspace on the playa. The CORE project will provide shelter from the sun for the body, playful interactive activities for the heart, and beautiful renditions of nature to feed the soul.

CORE Poster displayed at the Regional Network Center (11×17) – click on image to download Adobe .pdf copy:


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