Calling all Black Rock Citizens! Tuesday afternoon 8/28 is going to be a giant affair of ART, SPECTACLE and CELEBRATION as we tour our great CIRCLE OF REGIONAL EFFIGIES!!!

Join us on foot, on bike, or on art car at the Man at 2pm for our giant kick-off for the CORE ART WALK! We’ll be there in full force with music aboard the A Cavallo Art Car! From 2-5pm, docents will be on hand to guide you around the the projects and each of the 34 effigies in the Circle of Regional Effigies will have an interactive happening for YOU to participate in!

Check out this list of FABULOUS happenings and come on down! Here’s the Facebook invitation:
All listings will happen from 2pm-5pm on Tuesday!The “Times” refer to the location of the effigies around the Man.
  • 21st CENTURY UNLIMITED (Great Lakes) 9:15 & 600 Join the Great Lakes CORE team for a tour of the 21st Century Unlimited!
  • ARBORIA (Sacto) 5:45 & 900 Join the Sacramento crew for a tour of the Arboria!
  • BABY BON TEMPS BRULEE (NOLA) 12:15 & 600 Join the NOLA Burners for Fat Tuesday, a Mardi Gras Celebration! Enjoy King Cake and famous drinks courtesy of the Royal Orleans Court Bar. Brass band music will play and the good times will roll all afternoon!
  • BISON FIELDS (Saskatchewan) 5:20 & 1000 Join the Saskatchewan Burners and paint a 1×1 foot plywood tile in a prairie inspired theme to add to our interior art gallery in the effigy!
  • BLUKIS (Lithuania) 4:45 & 600 Join the Lithuanians for a ritual dragging of our smaller Blukis on wheels! There will be little potato pancakes and delicious treats!
  • CAROUSHELL (San Diego) 6:20 & 1100 Join San Diego at CarouShell, where crayons will be provided for you to use to draw your favorite sea creatures on the effigy.
  • CHORDS OF WOOD (Orange County) 6:45 & 600 Join the OC Burners for a demonstration on the giant guitar and and a talk about the rich history of the electric guitar in Orange County and a bit of flame effect action!
  • COD PIECE (Boston) 7:45 & 600 Join Boston Cod Piece creators and supporters who will be donning decorated cod pieces in honor of their effigy while casting their rods into the dust to see what they might reel in!
  • DRAGON LOTUS (Colorado) 1:15 & 600 Join the CO Burners as the open the second set of the large petals of their piece to reaveal the secret dragon inside! There will also be a lavish performance!
  • FERTILITREE (East Bay) 8:15 & 600 Join the East Bay Burners for a guided tour of the project!
  • GATEWAY ARCH (Reno) 3:45 & 600 Join Reno Burners for a guided tour of the project!
  • GROW FORTH (Portland) 1:45 & 600 Join the Portland Burners for a tour of Grow Fourth and leave your personal message on the tree!
  • GROWING PAINS (Midwest) 2:45 & 600 Join the Midwest Burners for a tour of Growing Pains!
  • HAPPY AS A CLAM (Maine) 6:35 & 1000 Join the Maine and New Hampshire Burners at the effigy for art cars and hoopers!
  • HATCHERY (Dallas) 12:45 & 600 Join the Dallas crew for poi, hoops, and more, while Dallas DJs play their finest tracks, and effigy leads, designers, and creators show off their effigy! Stick around after the Art Walk for Taco Tuesday with Dallas and the Midwest Burners from 5-7pm!
  • JOZI (South Africa) 5:30 & 1100 Join the South African CORE team for African hospitality featuring music, gifts and treats from the region. Look out for the African wildlife!
  • KOKOPELLI RISING (New Mexico) 11:45 & 600 Join New Mexico as they serve Mimosas in the shade while providing stimulating conversation and body painting!
  • LIFE TREE (Vancouver) 6:10 & 1000 Join the Vancouver Life Tree crew to learn about the Mountain Pine Beetle and
  • bring your leather goods/clothes to get them branded with a pine beetle! There will also be some surprises in store so be sure to stop on by!
  • MISSED CONCEPTIONS (Nebraska) 10:45 & 600 “Join the Tallgrass Burners for an art talk by the project leads and a tour of the scenes depicted inside!
  • NAGLAFAR (Sweden/Denmark) 4:15 & 600 Join Sweden & Denmark in their viking outfits while they perform a song from Astrid Lindgren’s Ronja Rövardotter!
  • NATIONAL TREASURE (DC) 3:15 & 600 Join our DC crew for some fun with fire-poofers and bubbles! We’ll also be asking participants to write about their ideas of culture and these offerings will be burned with our sculpture on Thursday evening!
  • OPALESSENCE (Idaho) 6:15 & 600 Join the Idaho effigy crew and the Altitude Lounge for a party with music, belly dancers, sexy sparkly things, and an open mind for your tater jokes and effigy nicknames!
  • PORTAGE (Montreal) 5:15 & 600 Join us for a sacred ceremony with our Portaging Man and Woman! Get down with the infectious rhythms of our percussion group and our bohemian flair and experience the true heartbeat of Montreal!
  • PSYCOPHILIA (Victoria) 6:10 & 1100 Join the Victoria crew for a guided tour of Psychophilia!
  • REINCOWNATION (Houston) 2:15 & 600 Join Houston at their ReinCOWnation large and loud, just like their beloved Gulf Coast of Texas. Sassy snacks, musical stylings of DJ Gee-Hawed and a few surprises to have y’all getting down’ and shouting HOWDY!
  • RISE OF THE PLANET OF THE MOOSE (Toronto) 8:45 & 600 The Toronto crew will be out in full effect with an art car from their local community and an impromptu dance party with a local DJ! Their may be Moosehead Beer depending on customs!
  • ROEBLINGAGON (NY) 5:45 & 600 Come and meet the NY CORE crew! Our lead artist will be available to answer questions about the project along with a few of his crew who have been integral in bringing The Roeblingagon to life!
  • SECRET OF THE BEES (UTAH) 11:15 & 600 We encourage everyone to join the Utah crew in Bee regalia! We will have fortified green jello shots (a Utah delicacy!), honey themed drinks and dance “the Secret of the Bees” dance! We encourage participants to leave offering or mementos to be burnt!
  • SERAPHIM (LA) 5:30 & 900 Join the completion of the LA effigy by adding your hopes, wishes, and dreams to the recycled pallet slats that will be used to complete the
  • central Vortex! All of your thoughts, wishes, and art will be conveyed to the heavens under the protection of our Angels during the CORE Burn on Thursday night!
  • STELLA OCTANGULA (Mid-Atlantic/Philadelphia CORE) 6:15 & 900 The Mid-Atlantic crew invites you to a workshop about how to created divine geometric forms through the art of origami! We will also be having a ritual dance performance that embodies the archetypal dualities between fire and air at 5pm!
  • TENDRILLAR WOODS (Seattle) 10:15 & 600 Join Seattle for “Make Your Way Out to Tendrillar Woods,”
  • an 8 minute play (possibly repeated) by Reddick; 4th Generation Northwest entertainer. Specializing in Acting, Directing and Vocal Performance, Reddick is ecstatic about bringing the gift of his talents to the Playa with the Seattle CORE project this year!
  • TOWER OF NOWHERE (UK) 9:45 & 600 Don your finest whites and summer dresses and join the UK crew at the tower! They will bring the Pimms and lashings of ginger beer for an afternoon of repressed jollity!
  • TWISTED UPRIGHT HOUSE (North Bay) 7:15 & 600 Join the North Bay team at our effigy to meet with our project lead and the Pyroglyphics team! Learn about our wood carvings and build processes! Look out for the Human Bee-In! It’s all the buzz.
  • VALLEY OF HEART’S DESIRE (So.Bay) 5:15 & 1000 Join the South Bay for a Heart’s Delight cocktail or a fruity snack, and climb up inside the tower to see the names of the old Santa Clara Valley fruit canneries. Oh, and you can tag your name & write a message inside there, too!


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