CORE Art Walk

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Meghan Rutigliano
Date: Tue, Jun 26, 2012 at 7:11 AM
Subject: CALL TO ARMS! “CORE ART WALK” Tuesday, 8/28 2-5pm!

Greetings fabulous and wonderful CORE Team Leads!

Hooray! I hope this email finds you headlong into an amazing build season! It’s been fun to track your progress on your effigies and to see how much these hands-on projects are bringing your communities together. We can’t wait to see the beautiful pieces in that giant ring around the Man!

Your pals at the Regional Network Center, where we’ll also house the giant “WALL OF CORE,” have been brainstorming recently about the most effective ways to showcase your effigies and your collaborative efforts to BRC Citizens. We thought that having a CORE Open House on Tuesday, August 28th from 2-5pm would be a great way to rally some energy around your projects and to give Participants, the Press, and other Regional groups a chance to interact with you and learn about your pieces and about your local communities and get fired up for the big burn on Thursday evening!

So….we’re asking you to BRING IT!

Get Your Teams Involved:

Tuesday will be the day to invite your team members to come out in full force! We ask that you be out at your effigies during those three hours to tell the eager masses about the work you’ve been doing, to accept the amazing blessings and kudos that are bound to be bestowed upon you and your crews, and to have a great time!

Get your Grooves On:

This would be the perfect time for you to do something special, as you will have a ready audience and members of the media there to celebrate your art and local communities. As folks wander up to ask you about your effigies, it would be fun to have some celebrations or shenanigans going on! We also put a call out in the Jack Rabbit Speaks for performers and performance troupes so we’ve got leads on great acts that can enhance your presence and fete you in the way you deserve!

Get your Gear On:

We ask that your teams wear something that distinguishes you from a crowd. (I know, I know, it’s Burning Man!) You’ve been asked to have a unified presence as part of the Fire Safety Perimeters so wear whatever T-shirts, arm bands, hats, etc. you plan to wear Thursday evening during Tuesday’s CORE ART WALK!

Get other Groups In on the Action:

There are many, many active Regional groups around the world that aren’t building an effigy this year but that would LOVE to contribute to your presence on the playa! We encourage you to reach out to neighboring regions to ask whether they’d like to be a part of your CORE ART WALK presence on Tuesday! It will mean fun and participation for all. We’re here to help you connect with other Regional groups so just hit us up for help making the connections.

Let us know what you plan to do!

We’re asking for 100% participation from each effigy team! We’re here to help in this massive effort. Need some ideas? Some help connecting to performance troupes or bands? Let us know. Please send your team’s RSVP to We’ll compile a list of CORE ART WALK happenings so we can help direct traffic on Tuesday afternoon!

Lots of love!
Megs and your RNC Team!


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